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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look what the cat (literally) drug in!

Our kitty just brought this little present to Satori.

We got him or her all cozy in a box and when Jeremy gets home I'll go release the poor little thing in the sagebrush where it came from.

Satori has the box right next to us here on the couch... She is keeping a very good eye on our fuzzy friend!


  1. Tell Satori that Mother Earth is giving her a special gift for Earth Day! :)

    How is it possible for Tori to make even an oxygen mask look cute? She's such a trooper!

  2. Oh my gosh, that picture is so cute!! Hope Satori feels better soon and that the cat (cough) leaves the rabbits alone. (But our cat will not.)

  3. You might want to tell Satori to be careful or the little bunny might just decide to keep her as his pet!

  4. Oh no! You don't want to know what our dog did to a similar baby rabbit last year. :( Such a cute picture and I agree, she's even cute with an oxygen mask on.

  5. Oh, what an adorable baby bunny! Hope kitty leaves it alone after he's released.

    Hang in there, Tori--you're a tough little cookie--you'll come through this just fine!

  6. Ohhh,such a cute little bunny!!!They´re adorable together!!