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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stori is out of the hospital again!

Well Satori's ended up at our local hospital with pneumonia, after a day there and not getting any better she was transported to a larger hospital in Reno to PICU.

Luckily we only spent a day in ICU and then got downgraded to a regular room. So after several days on a couple IV antibiotics we were able to bring her home!!

She is still on oxygen and pretty sick but VERY happy to be home and taking full advantage of the intensive K9 therapy here :)


  1. What a relief--glad she's home again. Sending our best wishes for her to continue to recover ... and quickly! ;-)

  2. Hope the roller coaster ride you've been on slows down for awhile! Glad she's home! Get better soon Satori!!

  3. I am glad she is home now. That is quite a bed full of critters too I might add.


  4. Sorry she can't have some good rest from hospitals!
    It is great you've been able to bring her home.
    This pic is so lovely!
    I'm sure she is getting lots of pet therapy ;-)

  5. Sending prayers and best wishes for a FULL recovery!!

  6. She has certainly been thru more than any little girl should every have to. Glad to she is is looking and feeling better. I'm sure the pet therapy is the best medicine. That and Mom's good cooking!

  7. Best wishes from me and all my friends!

    I hope your little girl will keep her wonderful smile and remain strong.

    Best best best wishes from Germany

    We all pray for you, Satori!

  8. sending hugs and lots of prayers...XOXO